Cream Deluxe Blueberry N2O 666g Sixpack 🫐


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5 in stock

  • Includes a free blueberry flavored pressure release nozzle Blueberry Nozzle
  • Infused with natural blueberry essence, perfect for enhancing both drinks and desserts.
  • Packs six cylinders, each with 666g of N2O, totaling nearly 4kg of nitrous oxide for extended use.
  • Food-grade nitrous oxide, tested at 99.9% purity, encased in durable 100% steel for safety and longevity.

Stock Remaining: 5

5 in stock

Discover the Cream Deluxe Blueberry N2O 666g Sixpack – Your Gateway to Flavorful Adventures

Cream Deluxe Blueberry N2O 666g Sixpack – Elevate Your Drinks and Desserts

Welcome to a new level of flavor infusion with the Cream Deluxe Blueberry N2O 666g Sixpack. Perfect for anyone looking to add a twist of blueberry to their beverages and baked goods, this pack promises not only to enhance your recipes but also to inspire innovation in your creations.


Why Choose Blueberry N2O?

  • Flavorful Infusion: Imbue your whipped creams and cocktails with the subtle, sweet tones of blueberry, making every sip and bite a delightful experience.
  • Consistent Quality: With each cylinder providing 666g of nitrous oxide, enjoy consistent results in all your recipes.
  • Ultimate Convenience: The six-pack format ensures you have ample supply for any event or recipe experimentation.


Explore New Culinary Horizons

Our Cream Deluxe flavored N2O range opens up a world of possibilities. The Blueberry N2O Sixpack is not just for professional chefs; it’s a must-have for any modern kitchen or bar looking to experiment with new and exciting flavors.


Quality and Safety First

Each canister is rigorously tested for purity and safety, ensuring that you receive only the best product. Trust in Cream Deluxe to deliver a high-quality, reliable nitrous oxide solution every time.


Get Your Blueberry N2O Sixpack Today!

Don’t wait to bring a burst of blueberry to your culinary and mixology projects. Order your Cream Deluxe Blueberry N2O 666g Sixpack now and start creating with confidence and creativity. Visit our homepage to explore more products and ideas.


Learn more about the benefits of flavored N2O in culinary arts at Wikipedia.

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