Cream Deluxe Watermelon N2O 666g Sixpack 🍉


Stock Remaining: 48

48 in stock

48 in stock

  • Includes a free watermelon flavored pressure release nozzle Watermelon Nozzle
  • Infused with authentic watermelon flavor, offering a fresh and exhilarating taste experience.
  • Each cylinder contains 666g of nitrous oxide, providing the equivalent of 84 regular cream chargers per cylinder, totaling 4kg of N2O per Sixpack.
  • Food-grade nitrous oxide tested at 99.9% purity, securely encased in a robust 100% steel shell, ensuring safety and quality.

Stock Remaining: 48

48 in stock

Cream Deluxe Watermelon N2O 666g Sixpack – A New Era of Culinary Creativity

Launching into a culinary adventure now takes on fresh meaning with the Cream Deluxe Watermelon N2O 666g Sixpack. This collection of six individual cylinders promises an avant-garde experience for every kitchen aficionado, blending the exhilarating taste of watermelon with the versatility of nitrous oxide.


Why Watermelon? 🍉

Embodying the spirit of summer, watermelon evokes memories of sun-soaked afternoons and joyous picnics. Cream Deluxe has masterfully infused this essence into our nitrous oxide, crafting an unparalleled gastronomic ingredient that excites the palate and invigorates the culinary spirit.


Expand Your Culinary Horizons

This isn’t merely an addition to your kitchen arsenal; it’s an invitation to innovate. Imagine crafting fizzy cocktails with an unexpected burst of watermelon or surprising your guests with desserts that have a hint of effervescence. For chefs, mixologists, and culinary enthusiasts, our sixpack offers myriad opportunities to elevate dishes and drinks into art forms.


Our Quality Commitment

Encased in durable steel casings, each cylinder ensures lasting excellence and unmatched reliability. With a commitment to 99.9% purity and authentic watermelon essence derived from nature’s best, you’re assured a unique gastronomic journey with every use.


Join the Gastronomic Revolution

Cream Deluxe is not just about products; it’s about creating exceptional experiences. With our Watermelon N2O, the realm of culinary possibilities is vast. Every meal, beverage, or dessert becomes an opportunity for creativity, infusing a touch of summer zest into each creation.


Discover more about our innovative offerings and how they can transform your culinary endeavors by visiting our Flavored Nitrous Oxide page. For bulk purchases or more detailed information, please contact us. Embrace this culinary evolution with the Cream Deluxe Watermelon N2O 666g Sixpack and redefine what’s possible in your kitchen.

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