Cream Deluxe Blueberry Nitrous Oxide 666g 🫐


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27 in stock

27 in stock

  • Includes a free blueberry flavored pressure release nozzle Blueberry Nozzle
  • Infused with natural blueberry flavor, perfect for enhancing both drinks and desserts with a vibrant zing.
  • Each cylinder contains 666g of nitrous oxide, equivalent to 84 regular cream chargers, offering extensive culinary use.
  • Food-grade nitrous oxide tested at 99.9% purity, securely encased in a robust 100% steel shell, ensures top-notch safety and quality.

Stock Remaining: 27

27 in stock

The Blueberry Magic: Cream Deluxe Blueberry Nitrous Oxide 666g

Dive into the unparalleled universe of gourmet creations with Cream Deluxe Blueberry Nitrous Oxide 666g, a groundbreaking innovation crafted to enrich every culinary masterpiece you conceive.


Why Blueberries?

Blueberries aren’t just fruits; they’re little orbs of delight. Bursting with antioxidants, these berries have graced our tables for generations. Cream Deluxe captures the undying essence of blueberries, offering an infusion like no other. As you utilize this nitrous oxide, the vibrant flavor of blueberries unfurls, instantly transforming any dish or drink.


For the Passionate Chef and Mixologist

For those constantly seeking novel ways to elevate their craft, Cream Deluxe Blueberry is your answer. Imagine the possibilities: a blueberry-infused whipped cream crowning a classic cheesecake, or a cocktail with that extra zing of blueberry fizz.


Safety First, Always

Ensuring your peace of mind, our nitrous oxide is housed within a 100% steel casing. With a 99.9% purity guarantee and natural blueberry essence, our commitment to quality remains uncompromised, allowing you to focus on what you do best: creating.


A Culinary Voyage Awaits

Let the deep and enticing notes of blueberry guide you as you embark on new culinary adventures. Each use promises an experience, an exploration, a memory. Thus, as we push boundaries in the realm of flavor, we invite you to join this exciting journey.


Explore our full range of products and learn more about how Cream Deluxe can transform your culinary experiences by visiting our Flavored Nitrous Oxide page.


For bulk purchase or more information, feel free to contact us. Opt for the Cream Deluxe Blueberry Nitrous Oxide 666g and be part of this taste revolution.

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