ISO Certification: Ensuring Safety in N2O Products

ISO Certified N2O Products


In the world of culinary innovation, safety and quality are paramount. This is where ISO certification, specifically NEN-EN-ISO 11118:2015, becomes crucial in the N2O cream charger industry.

What ISO Certification Means in the N2O Industry:

ISO certification is a seal of approval from a third-party body that verifies a company adheres to internationally recognized standards. For N2O products, NEN-EN-ISO 11118:2015 outlines rigorous safety and quality requirements, ensuring products are safe and reliable for consumer use.

Cream Deluxe's Commitment to Safety and Quality:

At Cream Deluxe, we don’t just meet these standards – we exceed them. Our adherence to ISO certification means every product is rigorously tested and proven to be safe and of high quality, offering peace of mind to our consumers and wholesale customers.

Risks of Non-Compliance in the Industry:

Using non-certified N2O products can pose significant risks. Lack of adherence to ISO standards can lead to product failures and safety hazards. We advise buyers to always check for ISO certification to ensure safety and compliance, especially in the EU market.

Why Cream Deluxe is a Trusted Brand:

Our commitment to ISO certification is just one reason why customers trust Cream Deluxe. Our products are not only innovative but also secure and compliant with the highest industry standards, as evidenced by our loyal customer base and positive testimonials.


ISO certification is not just a label; it’s a necessity for ensuring safety and quality in the N2O cream charger industry. Cream Deluxe’s commitment to these standards sets us apart as a leader in the market, providing our customers with the best and safest products available.

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