Cream Deluxe Passion Fruit N2O 666g Sixpack


Stock Remaining: 70

70 in stock

70 in stock

  • Includes a free passion fruit flavored pressure release nozzle Passion Fruit Nozzle Included
  • Infused with natural passion fruit flavor, offering a unique tropical experience.
  • Each cylinder contains 666g of nitrous oxide, providing the equivalent of 84 regular cream chargers per cylinder, totaling 4kg of N2O per Sixpack.
  • Food-grade nitrous oxide tested at 99.9% purity, securely encased in a robust 100% steel shell, ensuring safety and quality.

Stock Remaining: 70

70 in stock

Experience Cream Deluxe Passion Fruit N2O 666g Sixpack — A Tropical Adventure for Every Occasion

Welcome to a vibrant burst of tropical flavor with the Cream Deluxe Passion Fruit N2O 666g Sixpack. This collection of flavor-infused nitrous oxide cylinders is designed to elevate any gathering, turning simple moments into festive celebrations.


Why Passion Fruit?

Passion fruit is celebrated for its intense aroma and captivating taste, often associated with exotic landscapes and refreshing breezes. At Cream Deluxe, we’ve harnessed this vibrant flavor, infusing it into our nitrous oxide to bring a slice of paradise to your festivities. The addition of passion fruit essence enhances both the aroma and the taste, making every release a mini-vacation.


Expand Your Event Horizons

While perfect for party-goers and cocktail aficionados, the versatility of the Passion Fruit Sixpack transcends typical usage. Dessert makers will adore the subtle tropical notes it adds to sweets, and event planners will find it invaluable for creating signature drinks that impress and delight.


Commitment to Safety and Quality

Every Cream Deluxe Passion Fruit N2O 666g Sixpack is securely contained in robust 100% steel cylinders, ensuring safety and consistency. Each charger is filled with 99.9% pure nitrous oxide, with the passion fruit essence sourced from the finest natural ingredients.


Embark on a Flavorful Journey

Let Cream Deluxe take you on an unforgettable journey of taste with every burst of our passion fruit-infused nitrous oxide. Beyond mere flavor, our chargers promise an experience that’s as enriching as it is delightful. With the deep, exotic notes of passion fruit, prepare to transform any event into a tropical escape.

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